Say goodbye to fear and hello to freedom...Truly EMBODY "you are enough".

Unlock your full potential and activate your unique gifts.

Learn to work with your empathic nature instead of being drained by the energy around you.

MOVE your mind, body and soul with joy and playfulness.

Connect with a high vibe soul tribe for support and solidarity.


Because your commitment to yourself

as you embark on this journey is that big.

Your soul is ready for this quantum leap. 

Your dreams are being realized even now. 

Let's come together to ground into the truth that


What's Included?

- Ceremonies

- Embodied Movement

- Sacred Healing

- Sisterhood

- Meditation

- Tools to Implement

- Guided Preparation For Event

- Facebook Group for Additional Support

It's easy!

Full Price is ONLY $222

(Reach out if you need 2 payments of $111)

Gina Starbuck

Multifaceted artist & woman.


Soulful mommy.


Gina is an Intuit, Transformational Coach, Practitioner of NLP & Hypnosis, a Reiki Master & more.

Gina empowers women globally to connect deeply with their own truth and find both peace and passion as they gracefully navigate their

daily lives.

Elyse Falzone

Passionate, creative soul.

Fairy dancer.


Elyse is a Master Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Mentor.

Elyse empowers women to be leaders in their families, communities and beyond, believing we are all lightworkers in our own ways. She holds space to awaken your SOUL & live as the full expression of self.

Excited to see you soon!

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