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Activate Holistic Wealth Mastery

Embody Your Abundant Lifestyle with Balance, Not Burnout, in Just 8 Weeks!

  • Are you in a position of leadership and afraid to talk about your money struggles? 

  • Do you associate wealth with burnout, or wish you had more space to honor your natural cycles? 

  • Are you feeling sad and frustrated with the state of the world and wanting more resources to make change? 

  • Do you have bug visions for you life & feel you've fallen short?

  • Do you wish you had people around you who understood your magic? 


You’re NOT alone and we're here to help.  


Why? Well, first of all, this isn’t a YOU problem. This is a system problem.

We're not meant to live on a hamster wheel of chasing an ideal of success that isn't sustainable. We're meant to live in abundant flow with life & nature. 


There's a new-old way of wealth emerging & YOU can lead the change.


Money is energy.

Money is frequency.

Money is easier than you think.


It’s time to dance the dance of abundance and redefine what it means to be wealthy and well. 


Get ready to embody prosperity, magnetize limitless opportunities, and create the life you've been dreaming of. Join “Embodied Wealth Mastery”, an 8-week online exploration, where we'll guide you to unleash your inner wealth alchemist, experience holistic well being and manifest big money...

Whether you're running a spiritual business, bringing your magic to the corporate world, or sharing your gifts as a stay at home mama,  this course will provide you with knowledge and techniques to manifest balanced well-being and financial prosperity.

Are you a woman who is intentional, living well, and in tune with your mind, body, and soul, but still wondering, "WHERE THE F**K IS THE MONEY?"


"Embodied Wealth Mastery"

An 8-week online exploration, where we'll guide you to unleash your inner wealth alchemist and manifest $12k and beyond months

In Embodied Wealth Mastery, wealth becomes a holistic experience. It's not limited to your bank account or your business success; it encompasses your health, relationships, purpose, and overall well-being. It's about living in a state of flow, where you effortlessly attract opportunities, resources, and experiences that align with your true desires.

  • The 6-Step Method To Embodied Wealth Mastery: Learn the building blocks to embodied wealth and take charge of your money story. This system is an integration of both the mystical & the practical, designed to give you all that you need to let go of shame or fear and truly embody wealth in all areas of life. 

  • Embodied Wealth Mastery Workbook & Abundance Tracker: Your essential tool for manifesting the change you've longed for in your personal life and contributing to the greater good of humanity. Ground it all in & witness the remarkable flow of abundance unfold before your eyes.

  • Community Thread: A safe space for embodied leaders, like you, to talk about your struggles and wins without fear or shame. A place to receive support, magnify your mission and be witnessed as you step all the way into your holistic abundance story. 

  • Lifetime Access to the program and its teachings, which includes additional bonus sessions and resources that you can work with for life.

  • Bonus Guest Expert: Learn tangible tools to establish generational wealth.

  • Bonus Free Alchemy of the Heart Prayer Journal 




What You'll Get:

The Journey:

The 6-Step Method to Arrive at Wealth Embodied

Each of our video modules will consist of a specific journey that teaches one of the steps of this method. These steps, along with the Workbook, Abundance Tracker, and our shared intention, are the building blocks to wealth embodied. Each step holds a powerful frequency and together they become even more potent.

Step 1: Clear Money Blocks

Quickly and easily start to bring in more money, so that you have the resources to give back. Unlock your wealthy potential with this opening ceremony & dive into our rapid fire technique for clearing ancestral money blocks. 

Step 2: Balance Your Being

Avoid burnout, eliminate imposter syndrome, and find your blueprint for balanced wealth & wellness. Learn to work with the elements to create harmony in your body, so that you become more efficient in your life and business. You don’t have to sacrifice health for wealth! 

Step 3: Clear Shame & Open To Miracles

Let go of regrets and align with your inherent wealth and well-being. Through quantum breath-work & guided visualization, learn to work with your inner wealth alchemist to clear shame and open to new possibilities. 

Step 4: Holistic Wealth Embodiment

Create a solid foundation for sustainable and holistic wealth. Integrate the wisdom, practices, and energetic shifts from the previous steps through movement and sound & learn to use your body to anchor abundance codes into your physical reality. Experience vitality, well being & true alignment. 

Step 5: Self Care Strategies

Learn self care strategies to support your wealthy flow through various seasons & cycles. Embodied Wealth Mastery is not just about financial success; it encompasses your overall well-being, and honors you as a cyclical human being. YOU determine how you balance rest & action.


Step 6: Actualize Big Visions

Embody prosperity in a way that goes beyond just your life and expands into the field of collective well being. Breathe life into your vision for a better world, and begin to take steps to actualize that vision. You'll radiate the energy of abundance, magnetize like-hearted beings and experience the ripple effect of your embodied wealth. 


By following this 6-step method, you'll not only tap into your innate wealth potential but also integrate abundance into the very fabric of your being. You'll transform your relationship with money, activate ancient abundance codes, and create a life of true prosperity and fulfillment that also honors nature & its cycles. You'll learn to savor in the felt experience of being fully aligned with your inner creatrix. As you live into Embodied Wealth Mastery, you'll begin to recognize the rich, fertile soil of creation & unlock the limitless possibilities that await you.

"Embodied Wealth Mastery"

is for you if:

  • You are intentional, living well, and in tune with their mind, body, and soul, but still wondering, "WHERE THE F**K IS THE MONEY?" (Goodbye wounded healer. You deserve to be in your magic AND money flow) 

  • You're ready for more freedom and resources to make a positive impact on the world around you.

  • You're ready for a safe space for ALL of you to feel seen, heard, loved & valued

  • You’re a leader who needs somewhere to be vulnerable without any fear or shame. 

  • You associate or have associated wealth with burnout and are desperately seeking a solution… One that honors the natural ebbs and flows of life.

  • You dream of a life that’s more spacious & expansive than the one you’re living now. 

  • You’ve compartmentalized for too long, and you’re ready for wealth to flow through ALL parts of your experience.

Here's What You Can Expect:

While financial abundance is a key focus of this journey, the impact and transformation go much deeper.

Tangible Financial Growth: By implementing the 6 Step Method To Embodied Wealth Mastery, you have the potential to create $12k and up months. Imagine the joy and relief of finally seeing tangible financial growth that aligns with your spiritual alignment and well-being.

Business Expansion: When implemented, Embodied Wealth Mastery will activate ancient abundance codes that will help your business grow and thrive exponentially. Whether you’re a spiritual entrepreneur, move through the corporate world, or share your gifts in some other way, this journey will show you time and time again, that wealth is an energy that is natural to you.  

Balanced Well-Being: One of the core principles of Embodied Wealth Mastery is the emphasis on balance and wholeness. As you integrate the teachings and practices into your life, you'll experience a greater sense of harmony and well-being that goes beyond just finances. Imagine easily meeting all of your needs for self-care, quality time with your family, travel and giving back to causes you care about.

Generational Wealth Consciousness: The knowledge and tools gained from Embodied Wealth Mastery will activate a way of thinking about money that goes beyond the here and now. By changing your relationship with money, you’ll begin to activate the coding of generational wealth, creating a lasting legacy that supports your entire lineage. 

Transformation and Empowerment: The Embodied Wealth Mastery program is designed to activate your wealth potential, dissolve limiting beliefs, and ignite your prosperous intentions. You’ll feel more confident and supported in your ability to work with and co-create with money. 

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How long do I have access? 

You get lifetime access to all pre-recorded content for Embodied Wealth Mastery. You will have access to the weekly live calls for 8 weeks from the time that you begin your journey. For those that enroll before we begin the live calls, your 8 weeks will begin once the live calls begin.  


What’s your refund policy? 

We have a no refund policy. 


Where will I find my course & content? 

Once enrolled, you will receive an email with all of the information you need to access your course content, downloads, community forum and weekly live calls. Course content will be found on Kajabi, community forum on telegram and live calls on our zoom. 


What if I can’t make the investment right now? Are scholarships available?

We understand that this is a significant investment. We have created some payment plan options to help to spread out the cost for you. If you are low income or are in a time of financial challenge, but have a deep desire to join, we do have limited scholarship and partial scholarship opportunities. Please fill out this form and we will get back to you.

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"Embodied Wealth Mastery"

Choose your pay in full or payment plan option below

  • The 6-Step Method To Embodied Wealth Mastery

  • Embodied Wealth Mastery Workbook & Abundance Tracker

  • Community Thread

  • Lifetime Access

  • Bonus Guest Expert

  • Bonus Free Alchemy of the Heart Prayer Journal 




$177/mo x 3

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About Us:

Awake & Soulful, founded by Elyse Falzone and Gina Starbuck, is a modern day mystery school. Our mission is to activate women into a deeper connection with their real, authentic selves and to celebrate the expansiveness of both the individual and the collective. We cultivate sacred spaces for beings of all cultural backgrounds and genetic codes to connect with their unique magic... To weave ancient ceremonial practices into their everyday lives, supporting the grounded integration of the spiritual, physical, and all things in between.


Gina & Elyse are both energetic alchemists. Together, they bring a myriad of spiritual gifts into the field. Reiki, sound healing, NLP, spirit guide communication, movement medicine and more... These women truly co-create all of the Awake & Soulful offerings and experiences with the Divine. 

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