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"My favorite part has been connecting with these awesome women and being inspired by all the things they are up to in life. All the excursions have been so much fun, but I just LOVE having a genuine connection with all of these ladies."


"My experience has been life-changing. The spiritual work that I have been guided through, I couldn't have imagined what it would be like. 

And what would come up, and what would release and what would come in. It has truly changed my life.

Working with Elyse & Gina has been a gift and blessing. One thing I really value about them, that sets them apart, is they are REAL women with amazing spiritual gifts. They're relatable, they're honest, they're candid. They're truthful and speak their truth."

-Amy V.

Educator & Non-profit Organizer

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"Beyond Words..."

"My experience has been unbelievable. Not only the environment itself, but the safe, loving container Elyse & Gina have created and the women that have collected here for this event. 

It's just beyond words of freedom and love and caring and  intuition... just glorious. It's just been really amazing.

Leaving the retreat, I'm going to share my sun, my light and my love as genuinely, without shame or guilt, unabashedly, just bring all that energy, power and love and compassion forward. And wear it high and proud... not hide it anymore. "

-Sarah K

Massage Therapist, Healer & Coach

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"Moved So Quickly"

"My breakthrough has been mind-blowing. 

I have gone from one place to another to another. I went from subdued and saddened, to angry, to feeling pain in my body to feeling light as a feather and completely open to all the possibilities there could be here.


It's been great. I wouldn't change it for the world. And it happened so quickly.  


It's so amazing the exercises and things we that we've done, have just moved all the hurt, pain and anger and just moved it all through, very quickly. And I've enjoyed every moment of it. It's fantastic."

-Jackie L.

Bartender, Healer, Mom of 3

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"My experience has been magical. Everything for the container  that Gina & Elyse have created, to the community of women and connections that have come together and been developed, to the way Spirit has intervened with special gifts along the way, to the depths and the transformations we've been able to reach and that I've been able to experience. It's been magic.


My biggest breakthrough this week has been tapping into and discovering and allowing some of the things I didn't even know I needed to work on and being able to work on that here. It's been very liberating."

- Jennifer R.

Life & Transformation Coach

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