Introductory 2:1 



In our 2:1 healing sessions, quantum leaps happen...

When we work with clients, especially in a 2:1 setting,

we call you into deep commitment. We've seen how powerful consistency can be in this work and because of our commitment to your growth, we don't often offer the opportunity to do single sessions.

However, this divinely lead work is best understood through experience.

So, we offer you the opportunity to come and receive at a deep cellular level during this 30-40min session:

  • Activate the intuition within you.

  • Reset your whole system to full alignment; mind, body & soul.

  • Be fully accepted & understood by not one, but 2 intuitive healers. 

  • Tap into the wisdom of your angel guides and ancestors. 

If we're a good fit to continue to work together after this session, we will guide you into the best next steps for you. 

Take this time to get present to the power, love & joy that reside within you.

A few words from our beautiful client Mel:


"If you don't think you can connect to yourself on a deeper level, to vocalize things that have been bottled up for decade or find healing in 30 min or less (not to sound like a commercial, haha)... you need to talk to these 2 women because they are powerful. They are magical. They are amazing.


I am buzzing with our time together today. I cannot wait to see what 5 days together with them and the other amazing women that will be in Sedona is going to bring. But if you don't trust yourself to do it all alone, please contact them! They're amazing and you will not regret a single second!"