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2:1 Power Portal



In our 2:1 healing sessions, quantum leaps happen...

When we work with clients, especially in a 2:1 setting,

we tend to move into a portal space, where big shifts occur beyond the typical limitations of time and space. 

The potency of this work is indescribable, and each session is a unique, custom curated experience. This is a co-creation between all aspects of you, your healed and well spiritual support team & us. 

While we cannot tell you exactly how things will unfold, we hold the intention that whatever is most needed for your deepest healing is what comes forward. 

A session may include intuitive guidance, card pulls, sound healing, somatic movement, nlp, hypnosis, shamanic journeying, deep listening & more. 

This divinely lead work is best understood through experience and we offer that if you feel called to journey with us, you lean into the opportunity to come and receive at a deep cellular level healing during this 45 minute session.

This session is best utilized as an introduction to our work, or as maintenance for an existing client who isn't currently in a mentorship container...

  • Be held in a safe, powerful container of restorative energy by not one, but TWO medicine women. 

  • Deeply connect with your inner healer & activate your unique healing blueprint. 

  • Restore & rebalance your relationship with all aspects of yourself, for deep integration and a sense of wholeness.  

  • Tap into the wisdom of your angel guides and well ancestors.

  • Receive tools and insights that can support you in your daily life.  

We are deeply honored to hold space for you and we look forward to meeting you in this healing space. 

This session will be held via zoom and investment for this session is $555.

A few words from our client Mel:


"If you don't think you can connect to yourself on a deeper level, to vocalize things that have been bottled up for decade or find healing in 45 min or less (not to sound like a commercial, haha)... you need to talk to these 2 women because they are powerful. They are magical. They are amazing.


I am buzzing with our time together today. They're amazing and you will not regret a single second!"

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