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Camel and Pyramids

Ancient Wisdom Initiation

Unlock Your Inner Goddess, Activate Your DNA, and Embody Your Unique Magic. Join Ancient Wisdom, a 4-6Month Journey of Healing, Integration, and Empowerment. 


Welcome Powerful Woman






You are healed, whole, complete and f'ing epic. And you know it!

But, are you living it? Fully?

Are you ready to integrate the true voice of your soul into your life?


Look no further than Ancient Wisdom, a transformative 4-month container for those ready to dive deep into their evolution journey and activate their soul's most potent healing lineage to claim your space, radically shift how you experience relationship, understand the inner workings of your own rhythm and have clarity as you walk your most aligned, Divine path.

This Ancient Wisdom Initiation four-month container includes one session per month with integration mentorship in between. This is an experiential journey where you'll work with TWO powerful guides holding space just for you and your process.



  • Two-on-one sessions: You'll have two powerful guides holding space just for you and your process.

  • Hypnosis, energy medicine, intuitive guidance, somatic practice, channeled light language, and more: We utilize a variety of techniques to support your highest good.

  • Recorded sessions: You can revisit the sessions to deepen your experience and understanding.

  • Integration coaching: You'll receive support between sessions via text/voice note, and it's your responsibility to reach out for support and stay engaged in the process.

  • Potential for massive REMEMBERING: This container has the potential to uproot misaligned energies and bring you into even more full embodiment of who you are at a soul level.

  • Activation of dormant aspects of your DNA: Session 4 is a space to open doorways toward even deeper embodiment and understanding of your soul's true essence and unique lineage.

  • No surface-level healing: This offer is for those ready and willing to dive deep into their soul journey, and it can be both intense and playful, both nurturing and activating.


What Our clients are saying

"I've learned so much in this container. I've walked through portal after portal to meet myself again and again. I've learned that I AM the woman that guides me, that movement allows energy to process. That I'm not meant to be afraid of what I feel and now, I remember where I came from. I've been empowered to keep taking steps. Step by step the path unfolds and I am walking it with grace." 

-Monica. Healer, mom, business woman 

The investment for this transformative 4-6 month container is $7500 paid in full or 4 monthly payments of $1975.


We understand that this is a significant investment.

You that you are worth it.


This journey will not only transform your life, it will have a ripple effect on every aspect of your being.

Investing in yourself is the most powerful investment you can make. It is a decision to honor yourself, your growth, and your potential.


We promise you, this journey is worth its weight in gold.

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