The Women of

Awake & Soulful

Throughout time and space, Gina & Elyse have crossed paths many times, weaving in and out of each other's lives in many phases of life. 

Originally meeting and creating together in the world of dance and entertainment, Gina and Elyse then began expanding and opening to their spiritual gifts together, yet on their own trajectory too.

Motherhood was the next adventure that Gina and Elyse got to share, as they both got pregnant within months of each other and have been exploring conscious parenting and raising their own beautiful little ones.

Through a serious of synchronistic events, Spirit let the women know it was now time to unite and create sacred experiences and channel Divine magic together. 

Gina Starbuck

Multifaceted artist and women.

Soulful mommy.

Gina is an Intuit, Trasformational Coach, Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis, a Reiki Master

& more. 

Gina empowers women globally to connect deeply with their own truth and to find both peace and passion as they gracefully navigate their

daily lives.

Elyse Falzone

Passionate, creative soul.

Fairy dancer.

Elyse is a Master Channel for Divine Healing, an Alchemist & Spiritual Mentor... working with crystals, Angels, oracles cards, sound, sacred geometry, light language coding and more.

Elyse holds sacred space for women around the world to awaken their soul and activate their true spiritual gifts. 

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