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Awake and Soulful’s mission is to activate women into a deeper connection with their real, authentic selves and to celebrate the expansiveness of both the individual and the collective...

With a deep reverence for community, we curate spaces and places for women to grow, heal, let go of limitations and learn to master their unique spiritual gifts.

Divinely lead.


Dancing souls...

We are Gina Starbuck and Elyse Falzone, your loving support team, as you wake up and fill your soul.


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Awake&soulful flower.png

"My biggest breakthrough is learning to LOVE on a much deeper level.

Every experience on this trip to Bali has taught me to:

shed what I needed to shed,

to forgive what I needed to forgive

& to learn more about myself

through nature, through this beautiful land.


And all of that has really come back to the pinnacle of DEEP, DEEP love... it's a love I cannot even explain.


It's like a rushing over love, a pouring over love. That's been my breakthrough, just understanding that

love is REAL and..."

-Melissa Dobbs, Business Owner & Educator

It's a love I cannot even explain...
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