Taking a break from the demands everyday life and reclaiming your energy

Smoothing out the jagged edges of life

Nourishing your mind, body and soul with positive, loving experiences

Accessing internal joy & wholeness

Deepening your own spiritual practice

Embodying your Divine essence & discovering the magic within you

Laughter, celebration & sisterhood that will last lifetimes

Sacred Womens Circles

Healing Soul Activations

Dance, Yoga & Connected Movement

Deep Dive Emotional & Spiritual Healing

Personal Chef + Delicious Food

Horse Therapy & Animal Medicine

Ancient Wisdom Crystal Activation

Medicine Wheel Experience

Vortex Journeys

Experience a much needed break from your daily routine with relaxation & renewal of your spirit


Get grounded, balanced and connected to your truth

Receive deep nourishment; mind, body & soul

Reconnect with the wonderful, loving, expressive woman you are 

Allow the MAGIC of life come alive 

Unearth the wisdom within


Activate your Intuition & unique essence while receiving  LOVE, NURTURING & JOY

PLUS: Connect with other soulful women and the powerful Vortex energies for amplified healing & sisterhood.


* Your 4 night stay in a beautiful Sedona Home overlooking the mountains


*Personal Chef + Delicious Food with all Breakfast + "On Site" Meals Included

*Tea, Coffee & Water Available

*Over 5 Group Healing Experiences

Deep Dive Emotional & Spiritual Healing


*Dance, Yoga & Connected Movement

*Sacred Womens Circles

*Horse Therapy & Animal Medicine


*Ancient Wisdom Crystal Activation


*Medicine Wheel Experience


*Vortex Journey

*Full Itinerary Coming Soon*



Choose Your Bed/Room Type


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Fill Out Waiver & Intake Form



Pay $500 Deposit


*Note- to PAY IN FULL...

please EMAIL US HERE & we will set you up*

Gina Starbuck

Multifaceted artist & woman.


Soulful mommy.


Gina is an Intuit, Transformational Coach, Practitioner of NLP & Hypnosis, a Reiki Master & more.

Gina empowers women globally to connect deeply with their own truth and find both peace and passion as they gracefully navigate their

daily lives.

Elyse Falzone

Passionate, creative soul.

Fairy dancer.


Elyse is a Master Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Mentor.

Elyse empowers women to be leaders in their families, communities and beyond, believing we are all lightworkers in our own ways. She holds space to awaken your SOUL & live as the full expression of self.

Excited to see you in Sedona!

For any questions, please email awakenandsoulful@gmail.com

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