September Activation Graphic.jpg


This is how our clients have described

what it feels like to receive one of our

healing and activation sessions... 

Who doesn't love a massage?

Especially when it goes beyond the physical

and deep into your cells.

Every month, we hold sacred space

for our community to come together and get aligned. 

This month, we're told we will FLOW> however that shows up. 

This is a space to come and RESTORE.

To align with your inner truth and let love pour in. 

Come and soak up some Reiki, sacred sound, intuitive messages and more.

Thursday September 24th @ 1pm PST/4pm EST

(Replay available to all who register)

  • Rest in the loving arms of spirit.

  • Experience flow in the moment AND in your daily life.

  • Feel like you've gone to the spa. (But better!)

Register below to secure your spot! 

We will see you there.


Did you know?

You absolutely have the opportunity to participate in a month by month basis with our activation calls...



You can join our Activation Station Membership and receive ALL the healing calls for the year (including replays for all of the previous months) PLUS tons of bonuses and actually SAVE money!