Your invitation is here to expand your being as you get to know the Awake & Soulful, Embodied Soul Oracle Deck.


We’re offering an 11 week deep dive into your awakening… Through the cards! 


We will meet as a collective once a week online to come home to ourselves through the alchemical medicine of the cards. 


Each week, we’ll work with 3 of the 33 cards in the deck and journey together into a more rich, activated experience of the embodied soul.


-Learn various techniques to work with this deck to support your own healing journey AND to do readings for others.


-Expand your intuitive knowing and explore the many facets of how Spirit moves through you.


-Join a group of open hearted, activated souls and a loving environment that is set for you to explore, heal and live in the fullness of your power. 


The investment for this journey is one $111!

That’s less than $12 a week to be held in a container of pure magic. 


Register now and journey with us starting at the new year (stay tuned). This will give you some time and space to get to know your deck and set your intentions ahead of time.


All calls will be recorded and can be received, revisited and deepened with. 


Have a friend who you’d like to journey with? Invite them now. 


Let’s create a massive wave of embodied souls on the planet… Sharing our gifts, living in fullness and activating the new earth right here inside of our bodies. 





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The Embodied Soul Oracle Deck is a 33 card living transmission, intuitively downloaded into this dimension through Gina Starbuck & Elyse Falzone, to activate the interdimensional, infinite, powerful codes of pure consciousness within you. And to support you in embodying all that makes you the masterful piece of God/Goddess expressing that you are. 


With beautiful, heart opening artwork and a guidebook giving you tangible wisdom through the cards… This deck can be worked with in many ways. 


You don’t have to be an expert card reader to receive the potent messages that speak through these cards. 


Because Spirit is alive inside of this deck, you can work with these cards for the rest of your life and continue to deepen inside of its teachings. 


This deck has been charged with energetic frequencies that go beyond the physical experience, to bring you into alignment beyond even what the conscious mind can comprehend. 


In the same now moment, you’ll also receive clear guidance and suggestions of how you can embody the energetic frequencies from right where you’re at. 


Join us in anchoring in ascension codes that will ripple out into this planet and beyond. 


Thank you for being who you are. 

We honor your journey and are grateful to be in communion with you. 


Order your deck TODAY.

11 Week Embodied Soul Oracle Journey