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There is power and wisdom in your cells. 

There are miracles moving through and around you every day.

And you're being called to open to it.

To deepen.

To allow yourself to see beyond 

what's right in front of you and activate your higher knowing.

But, there's a lot of energetic smog floating around. 

Maybe it's getting in the way of your intuition.

Perhaps there's fear of the unseen. 

Or, you're unsure of HOW to have a fluid understanding of your intuition.

This month, we will be coming together to clear the 3rd eye

and open the channels of magic within you.

We do so with the utmost reverence. 

Guided by loving angelic support.

Come receive, release and open...

Thursday October 22nd @ 1pm PST/4pm EST

(Replay available to all who register)


  • Clear your third eye chakra & activate your higher knowing.

  • Receive guidance and clarity on your unique magic. 

  • Re-align your body and energy fields for more flow and connection.

Register below to secure your spot. 

You are loved.


Did you know?

You absolutely have the opportunity to participate in a month by month basis with our activation calls...



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