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The Dawn of the Lotus Flower

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A Mini Virtual Retreat



The power to rebirth over and over. 


It’s part of the human experience. Part of our magic. 


And yet, oftentimes it feels like transitions are hard, fast and unexpected.


Transitions can bring up insecurity, uncertainty and a whole slew of nervous system responses that might feel like they overtake you. 


You’re not alone. And you’re not wrong... 


But what if you could rebirth consciously? Have you ever explored the devotional practice of surrendering what is no longer meant for you and actively, openly invited in what is to come? 


It may require getting acquitted with the unknown.

It can be absolutely delicious… 


You don’t have to have the answers. You don’t have to have it all together.

All that’s required is a willingness to BE, just as you are at any given moment. 

And from that, a knowing is born… 


A knowingness that even in the muck, you will still bloom -> Beautifully, brightly, perfectly in your own way. 


You can dance with ALL of your emotions and learn to love yourself in both the murky waters, and in your fullest bloom. And everything in between too.



Join us for a 4 hour mini retreat and ceremonial experience to welcome the closing of a chapter (or several) and to create space for what is

coming to arrive. 


December 19th 10am PDT/1pm EDT



One petal at a time… WE BLOOM. 


  • Receive cellular level, energetic clearing across all timelines; letting go of baggage from this lifetime and beyond.

  • Discover a conscious rebirthing template that you can come back to over and over.

  • Uncover how your body communicates with you and learn to align to your unique flow. 

This Is For You If...


  • You want to approach the New Year feeling centered and clear. 

  • You’re desiring extra support to navigate the wild energies of this Holiday season.

  • You get the importance and value of scheduling time to connect with your soul. 

  • Your being is ready for some deep nourishment and encouragement.


Yes, it’s a busy time of year… And that is EXACTLY why it’s important to carve out this time. 4 hours of being held in sacred space can help to set you up powerfully for the entire year to come! (or more)

The Flow:


A LIVE virtual gathering of soulful community, where you’ll participate in the 

co-creation of a supportive, healing space. Bring your presence and willingness, and we will offer guidance, intuited insights and energetic healing for the journey.


  • We’ll open with a welcoming breath and space to share our stories and intentions, then dive into a 90 minute ceremony to honor the process of completion.

  • Next, we’ll enjoy a 30 minute break for grounding, integration, and nourishment.

  • After we get settled back in from the break, we will journey together through a 90 minute rebirthing process, creating an opening for new experiences and more flow through your cellular body. 

  • We will wrap up with a 30 minute community conversation, Q&A & love bubble to close the space.


What You’ll Gain During This Process:


  • A more expanded capacity to stay present and anchored in your daily life.

  • More lightness & flow; mind, body & soul.

  • Deeper love for yourself. 

  • A sense of belonging inside of a truly magical community. 

  • Tools you can use for the rest of your life!


"I felt deeply held and deep healing. I felt safe and emotions were able to flow through. The music took me through a deep healing journey. Gina & Elyse, both, provide such a space, I cannot even put it into words. It's just really, really special. For those who are new, this is like nothing else. It's so sacred. "

      - Christina, Dancer, Actor & Creator


"I feel like our whole country needs to do a virtual retreat with Elyse & Gina.


We were invited to meditate for a period of 14 days continuously after the last retreat and I have consistently meditated every single day since (over a year later)! It has truly changed my life. "

      - Amy- Educator, Non-Profit Maven



Our inspiration for this mini retreat is the lotus flower. The lotus flower is an example of staying true to yourself, even amidst adversity. The lotus grows out of the murkiest of waters, and yet, it remains grounded in itself and still a part of the environment. It makes the environment more beautiful simply by being there and can even purify that water that it grows in. 


The lotus is a symbol of rebirth, as it closes its petals at night and opens again in the morning. Other meanings associated with this flower are purity, compassion and spiritual enlightenment.

Pink Lotus Flower

This is Your Time
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Meet Your Guides


Awake & Soulful, founded by Elyse Falzone and Gina Starbuck, is a modern day mystery school. Our mission is to activate women into a deeper connection with their real, authentic selves and to celebrate the expansiveness of both the individual and the collective. We cultivate sacred spaces for beings of all cultural backgrounds and genetic codes to connect with their unique magic... To weave ancient ceremonial practices into their everyday lives, supporting the grounded integration of the spiritual, physical, and all things in between.


Gina & Elyse are both energetic alchemists. Together, they bring a myriad of spiritual gifts into the field. Reiki, sound healing, NLP, spirit guide communication, movement medicine and more... These women truly co-create all of the Awake & Soulful offerings and experiences with the Divine. 

See you soon!

For any questions, please email

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