June Activation Graphic.jpg

This month, our group healing and activation call is focused on HARMONIZING OUR VIBRATIONS.


 We get to come together to harmonize…

mind, body and soul. 


To soak up the resonance of deep love, and to support our cells and our “selves” as we continue

to expand...


Join us on June 25th at 1pm PST/4pm EST for our monthly healing & activation call.


60 minutes of super charged love for your cells... 


Our client Robin says “I feel like I got a massage after each of these calls… Actually, it’s better than a massage!” 


As you will see... the price for our Activation calls are typically $33, however, with the current events happening, we'd like to offer an option to donate if that supports you this month. (Scroll down to find donation option).

Did you know?

You absolutely have the opportunity to participate in a month by month basis with our activation calls...



You can join our Activation Station Membership and receive ALL the healing calls for the year PLUS tons of bonuses and actually SAVE money!