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Day 7

Connect & Affect Summit

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Jessica Riverson

How To Access Your Creative Soul Expansion

Jessica Riverson is a Feminine Leader and Intuitive Marketing Mentor. Our conversation with Jessica was raw, real and inspiring. She offers a shift in perspective and an invitation for expansion.


We brought to light:

- Why the "fall out" is so important
- Everything in your life is up for review
- We are always spreading something
- After the storm...


IG: @jessicariverson 

The Feminine CEO Facebook Group 

The Feminine CEO Podcast


How to Expand Into Your Feminine 

& Open Your Channel to Receive


Jessica Riverson is the CEO and Founder of the International Coaching and Training company, Permission to Charge™ where she teaches coaches, consultants and experts how to own their worth and properly price and package their expertise into a premium program that actually sells. She is best known for her popular Instant Pay Raise Program where by following her 3-step process, entrepreneurs finally give themselves a raise by doubling and tripling their income through creating and selling their OWN high-end signature program.


She is a co-author of an Amazon #1 bestseller, The Power of Being a Woman and the author of the forthcoming book, Permission to Charge: How to Own your Worth, Package your Expertise and Sell with Soul.


And a few fun facts: She has been working from home her ENTIRE adult life, since age 19, when she started as a single mom. Today she is married and lives in the Seattle area and is the proud mama of a teenager AND a toddler.


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