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Day 6

Connect & Affect Summit

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Gina Starbuck

Ancestral Healing To Clear The Path & Activate Truth

Gina is our Co-Founder of Awake & Soulful and an intuitive coach, energetic alchemist and Reiki Master. The conversation of healing family patterns and restoring our DNA to love is a powerful one! 


Enjoy your conversation and healing on:

- The power of recognizing unhealthy patterns
- Be willing to be a vessel of the healing
- Conversation of the 'undoing'
- Beauty, grace and wholeness


IG: @ginastarbuck

Website -


Meditation HERE

Gina Starbuck (Co- founder of Awake & Soulful), is an intuitive coach and energetic alchemist. She helps powerful, empathic women break free from the confines of who they think they should be and embrace who they truly are, so they can rebirth and emerge as their authentic, expressive selves.

Gina is Reiki Master, NLP Practitioner, Transformational Life Coach and Master Teacher of Embodied Movement. She is highly gifted in activating the healer within her clients; beyond time and space. She works together with her clients and Divine to heal trauma, unhealthy patterns, ancestral baggage and more, and to help her clients to harness their empathic nature.


Virtual Retreat


We're bringing the retreat gathering experience to your bedroom, office or living room!  

Check out the video below OR go straight to our Virtual Retreat page! 

When you claim your ticket... be sure to use the code: SAYYES for your saving.

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