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Day 2

Connect & Affect Summit

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Marlon Fernando

Exercises at Home To Raise Your Vibration


Not only is Marlon a trainer for professional boxers, but he is also a Reiki Master… meaning he is connected to the bigger picture and he integrates this gift by teaching how intentional exercise can actually raise your vibration and align your chakras.


Some key take aways:

  • It’s not always about the ‘working out’

  • Intention, Alignment and Foundation… Why It Matters

  • Marlon Even Had Elyse Demonstrate a Breathing & Stretching Exercise


IG - @marlon.iam

website -


Breathing Mastery & Stretching

For Body Alignment HERE


Marlon has a passion for creating long term change in those who want to become better, fitter and healthier versions of themselves. He will help you develop, strengthen and implement the fundamentals of movement, nutrition, training, and the right mindset for you and your lifestyle so you can grow into the best version of yourself.

- NASM Certified Personal Trainer
- Certified Functional Strength Coach
- Corrective Exercise Specialist
- FMT - Blade Certified (IASTM)
- Precision 1 Certified Nutrition Coach
- Behavioral Change Specialist 

Dana Nichols

Brilliant Kid Activities & A Conversation on Mom Guilt


Dana, better known as Momlando, Orlando’s Mom Blogger, chats with us about new ways to get creative with the kids and how to expand our capacity while not feeling guilty!


We enjoyed some of these hot points with Dana:

  • Take a Look At Schedule- Being Intentional With Time

  • Asking LOTS of Questions and Reviewing What Life Looks Like

  • Give Yourself a Break… Be Gentle with Yourself

  • Ice, Play Doh, Creative Activities That Rock!  


 Check Out Dana's

40 Things To Do At Home With Your Kids

During Quarantine  HERE


Dana Nichols is a mama of two in Orlando where's she's raising Violet (5) and Simon (2) with her husband Reid. They are always on the hunt for the world's best donut and are currently obsessed with painting murals on the walls outside their house. Dana runs Momlando which aims to inspire and unite moms (and dads!) in Central Florida.

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