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Day 1

Connect & Affect Summit

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Gina Starbuck & Elyse Falzone

First off today, we, Gina & Elyse, will share a big warm welcome to the summit and offer you a calming, gentle healing and grounding meditation that will open your heart to receive the gifts that this summit and the incredible experts are bringing over the next week. 

- Get Grounded for this week's summit

- Heart Healing

- Deep Breathing

There are 2 videos here- 


The Healing

Jan & Monika Zands

How To Stay Sane in Relationships During Quarantine

This beautiful couple of 19 years, are relationship coaches who both have their Masters in Spiritual Psychology. They save relationships! 


We had a juicy conversation about 

  • Creating new agreements & boundaries during this time

  • Communication ‘musts’

  • Self is always first

  • Realms of communication

  • Expectations in relationships and more!


IG - @janandmonika

website -

Facebook -

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Jan and Monika Zands are relationship coaches with a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology, and they save relationships. They have spent years coaching, speaking and teaching on the topics of love, awareness, communication and shifting perspective.  


Jan and Monika overcame adversity in their marriage and worked through their own challenges using the principles that they have studied and now teach, and have now been married 19 years. Their story is proof that this kind of love, respect and collaboration is possible. 


On a mission to end self-inflicted suffering and help people create their ideal LOVING relationships, they teach the principles of loving communication, heart-centered listening and self-love through 1:1 coaching, podcasts, live and online group coaching programs, their Relationship 911 videos and their e-courses. 


Jan and Monika assist their clients and students in building strong loving inner selves so they can have confident, healthy outer selves.


They currently live in Los Angeles with their three kids and two dogs.

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