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In it's purest form,

your soul actually IS a creative expression

of the divine. 

But, sometimes the flow gets blocked...

Out of fear, disharmony with your body, uncertainty, insecurity.

Whatever the cause,

a lack of creative flow can lead to

frustration, anger, even sickness...

You want to ignite your creative fire. 

Maybe you just don't know exactly how.

~That's where we come in~

To help you to open up those channels

and allow that creative fire to flow into all areas of your life.

You're creating every moment of every day,

so why not make it a sacred practice?

Maybe even one that is filled with pleasure.

Join us on Thursday August 27th

60 minutes of creative flow

1pm PST/4pm EST

(Replay available to all who register)

  • Get to know your unique creative expression. 

  • Clear the pathways for new energy in your life. 

  • Rebalance your chakras and bring in more life force. 

Register below to secure your spot! 


Did you know?

You absolutely have the opportunity to participate in a month by month basis with our activation calls...



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