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This month, our group healing and activation call is focused on activating your most abundant self.


Manifesting abundance in your life is easier than you think and initiates from  the heart.

You ARE an abundant being.


Join us for 60 minutes of powerful healing…


Where you get to express deep gratitude for all that is in your life right now.


Be open to the opportunities the Universe is presenting to you daily


And learn to activate joy in your life by living on purpose.

Did you know?

You absolutely have the opportunity to participate in a month by month basis with our activation calls...



You can join our Activation Station Membership and receive ALL the healing calls for the year PLUS tons of bonuses and actually SAVE money!


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"WOW!  This past Activation Station was powerful!  Elyse and Gina began the call sharing that they would be holding massively for us.  And they did just that!  The space they created allowed me to have a transformation - on a Thursday in the middle of the afternoon, lol.  


I was focusing on my breath and mantra when a waterfall of release poured out of me.  I intuitively shifted into the fetal position for a rebirth then child’s pose to surrender to all that is.  In a way that I have never before, I began to bow to myself...for enduring all that I have been through.  I was honoring myself and my journey.  This was a deep honoring.  And then that honor butterflied into honoring all women.  


I had a visual of letting myself out of prison.  And my deepest understanding yet that I am worthy.  I am worthy of happiness.


Thank you Elsye and Gina for making this transformation and enlightenment possible." 


  • Robin B.

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